Emergency Car Kit: 3 FlareAlert LED Emergency Beacon Flares with Storage Bag

he FlareAlertTM is as simple as it gets!!! No fire, no fumes, no fuss!!! And none of the hidden costs associated with incendiary flares (damaged streets and uniforms, injured personnel, etc.). The FlareAlertTM also saves you from the hassle of dealing with hundreds of incendiary flares. Consider this: One FlareAlertTM provides approx. 20 hours of […]

Emergency Car Kit: Superex Canada Limited Dlx Roadside Winter Kit 97-127U Flares Safety Auto

Superex Deluxe Winter Emergency Kit will be your rescue if you get stranded in the ice. This kit includes many items such as a collapsible snow shovel, a blanket, matches and candles. Please see the above description. INFORMATION: Currently this item is on backorder. You may contact us or check back later. Superex Canada Limited […]