Drivers Education: How To Be A School Bus Driver

Drivers Education
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You were thinking about becoming a school bus driver?

Buy this book first, before you decide anything.


For five bucks you can save yourself a world of heartache and pain and a whole lot of wasted time and effort.


So you’ll know:

What rule number one is.

How to find your true power by acting like a rude teenage girl.

How to pick the best place to work before you ever apply.

Who pays the best.

You have a list of the right questions to ask and who to ask.

The one place that you work for only as a last resort.

What will disqualify you.

The controversial things no one will tell you.

What the down sides are.

Secrets for handling the “bad” kids and the ones who challenge you.

How to spot trouble before it gets started.

How to end trouble if it does start.

That you won’t end up with your 15 minutes of fame being one of those school
bus incident videos on you tube.

How to handle fights and riots. (don’t freak out, it’s rare, and it’s easier to deal
with than you think.)

That what happens 98% of the time is sweet, charming, fun or funny.

How to use humor to get results.

How and why to teach kids social skills.

That you’ll start out as a substitute driver and why that’s good and bad.

You’ll know where to find mid day and summer work

You’ll get those you work with to get much better results for you.

How the politics work and who has the power.

How to save your job if things get ugly.

Where assumptions will get you in trouble.

How to deal with the “Paul Harvey”

When to quit.

How to use the power of secrets.

When you’ll meet your inner drill sargent.

What to do when those you count on are useless.

Why I love this job WAY more than any other.

Go ahead, buy it.
Save yourself the ten years of embarassing mistakes it took me to learn all this.

Dave Bross – HowToBeASchoolBusDriver.Com

How To Be A School Bus Driver

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